RECYCLED ART is about creatively transforming the purpose of recyclable materials into innovative pieces of art and thereby contributing to a cleaner environment and nature conservation.  Recycled art is a specific type of creative work made from discarded materials. So this could be anything from plastic to tires to cans or discs or scraps of cloth.  The movement toward environmental conservation is big, now stretching over several different mediums.


As long as the materials used in the new art work were discarded, there’s really no limit to what can be used and what the pieces can look like. They can vary from large scale to miniature, from two-dimensional pieces to three dimensional. It’s a growing movement but, though it’s popularity has surged recently, it isn’t an entirely new concept.

The process of repurposing materials to create something new in art really began with Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) who specialized in the collage. He would paste together separate bits of paper, newsprint, etc., to create a new image.

Other artists like Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968) and Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008) followed suit, actually repurposing objects like bicycle tires and street signs as art pieces.


Artists are finding innovative ways to show their concern for the environment and thus encouraging the masses to reuse, reduce and recycle for a cleaner and safer environment. With waste disposal posing a serious environmental challenge, it is expected such initiatives will also spur governments to take concrete actions to ease the situation.

The cliche that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has proved to be strangely true as it developed in the form of artistic upcycling.  Some of the most awesome recycled art works have been born out of the simplest and most abundant of materials:  garbage. 


Artist Gilbert Angeles may have had a similar starting point but he has managed to create an inspiring style of art from recycled commercial single use plastic. Artist Angeles uses recycled single use plastic  to make attractive pieces of contemporary paintings and literally turn everyday trash into creative treasures.

Gilbert Calderon Angeles is a Post-Consumer Waste Artist, a new breed of artists who use post-consumer wastes to create beautiful artworks.  Plastic pollution is a big and serious environmental issue facing the country and the whole world. Our ocean needs help. Gilbert Angeles uses shredded plastic sachets in his artwork to create awareness on the adverse effect of plastics or single-use packaging.


Gilbert Angeles’ artworks create value out of waste.  This advocacy connects well with his belief that  with increased environmental awareness, behavioral and attitudinal changes will follow. People will sort, collect, and become more responsible with their garbage.

It hopes for a sense of urgency, for society to change its ways, and move towards a society free from single plastic use. He quipped “Acceptance of our own responsibility for actions that lead to environmental degradation is the first step towards climate change adaptation and environmental recovery”. 


Artist Gilbert Angeles is a graduate of Fine Arts at the University of Santo Tomas Manila. He was born in Plaridel, Bulacan and was raised and molded in the rich culture of provincial life.  Gilbert won as Finalist in the 2019 GSIS National Art Contest with an art piece “Palahaw ni Inang Dagat” that pushes for more sustainable zero waste lifestyle.


His unique art style and environmental advocacy platform caught the attention of social media and  got him featured on three major local TV networks, ready to inspire the local and global art communities.

“TREASURE IN RECYCLED ART”, The Art Exhibition.  Grand Opening on December 5 at the KARTINI ASIA GALLERY, Madison Galeries Lifestyle Mall in Alabang Hills, Muntinlupa City. For inquiries, please contact Ms. Ria Malvar at 09266899014 and at 09472886652.

Final Judgement
Single use sachet
Panahong Banayad
Moments of Love
Giant Footstep
Dalisdis ng Batis
Dakma ng Dahon
Loads of Pain
Abundunt Grace
Hirati ng Init
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