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Raden Adjeng Kartini 

KARTINI ASIA is inspired by the ideals of IBU KARTINI, the National Heroine of Indonesia.  So honored as a "pioneer in the emancipation of women", Ibu Kartini was a champion of education for women. Born into a family of Javanese nobility in 1879, she found herself rebelling against the disparity in rghts and education between men and women. Forunately, her father was considered very "modern", especially for one of the Java nobility. He made sure his daughter received an education in the same schools used by the Dutch families. Subsequently, with her father's support, Ibu Kartini opened a school for Indonesian girls.

Although Kartini died of childbirth at 25, her ideals were carried on by others so that, in Indonesia today, all levels of education are open to women. April 21 is declared a National Day in her honor.

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