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Stephanie Cabañes

Stephanie is a licensed interior designer and educator having taught History of Art and Art Production at the secondary and collegiate levels spanning 21 years. She is also playwright, lyricist, stage director and an entreprenuer. 

But the muse of all her talents, remains to be, painting. It is in painting that all her talents truly come together. The palpable emotions in her highly tactile and visually textured acrylics speak of the depth of her life experiences, creative imagination and inventive mind. Indeed, her paintings speak louder than her words ever could. 

The passion of Stephanie Cabañes as an artist radiates in her works which speak of the strength and triumph of the human spirit. Her “Hilom Series” celebrates the human spirit’s journey from brokenness to being whole again. Her paintings highlight the beauty that is borne from the courage and faith of the healing journey that creates, not scars, but badges of hope, honor and self-worth. 

She has exhibited at the Sanso Musuem as part of the yearlong series of exhibits of the 70 Years Retrospective in Art of Juvenal Sanso. Stephanie has had several group shows and art auctions in manila. 

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