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Janet De Grano

Dr. Janet C. de Grano is a doctor by profession but her artistic inclinations were awakened when she needed a diversion to escape  the loneliness of missing her eldest daughter who had to leave from home to pursue her studies in Australia.  The transition to expressing herself in art came naturally.  De Grano trained at the Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney, Australia, and mentored with Ms. Svetlana Orinko in Christchurch, New Zealand, and with Mr. Alvaro Castagnet in San Francisco, USA.


De Grano’s masterful strokes capture nature that captivates the soul, somewhat magical in transforming one's awareness and presence in fusion with the universal soul of nature. De Grano's landscape renditions reflect both the realist and impressionist style of "naturalism' and pleine air forays define her lighting style in her paintings.  De Grano could contemplate her personal encounters with nature and render these authentically, thus bringing her viewer to a quiet place where one finds solitude and peace.

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