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All Out On Art

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With bright enthusiasm and with bold expectations, Kartini Gallery showcases the masteral art pieces of all its artist. The first batch of artists on exhibition features the works of Rodney Martinez, Waldz Villanueva, Bert Monterona, Gilbert Angeles, Jojo Garcia and Janet de Grano.


Rodney Martinez – One of the pillars of visual arts in the Philippines, Rodney’s compositions are rendered with masterful strokes of bright-muted-shadowed colors. Rodney creates colors that are intuitive with its on own powers of expression and form.

Waldz Villanueva – Armed with an engineering degree and an innate artistic flair which have won him top awards in painting competitions, Villanueva is known for his nationalistic compositions. His “Bayanihan” and “Harvest”

series have collected for him a solid base of art patrons. His strokes are meticulous and precise and his colors evoke a sense of freedom and free spirit.


Bert Monterona – His large body of works has won numerous awards in local and international competitions. His themes revolves around promoting a culture of peace and promoting nature and environment. His style shows a rich overlay of multifarious motifs such as cloud scallops, finial designs, and an intoxicating mixture of color and texture.


Gilbert Angeles – Uses recycled single use plastic to create attractive pieces of contemporary abstract paintings. His concept connects well with nature which has caught the attention of local and global art communities in his advocacy in protecting the ocean and the environment. Angeles creates beautiful colors and textures in his masterful renditions.  


Jojo Garcia – Well renowned for his wonderful renditions of the Jeepney, Jojo has earned the title as “Jeepney King”. His artistry is vibrant and full of life and color. His fundness for distortion, swirling brush strokes and use of vivid colors are so uniquely Garcia’s style. He quips “The Jeepney echoes the Filipino art and culture, an iconic symbol of what represents the country across all nations. Let us continue to hear the roar of the Jeepney in our pursuit of our identity as a people and society.


Janet de Grano - Janet de Grano's acrylic flow paintings capture nature that captivates the soul, somewhat magical in transforming one's awareness and presence in fusion with the universal soul of nature. Her renditions reflect both the realist and impressionist style of 'naturalism' and pleine air forays define her lighting style in her paintings.  

“ALL OUT ON ART”, Kartini's latest art exhibit is at the The Palms Country Club in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. For inquiries, please contact Ms. Ria Malvar at 09266899014 and at

(02) 77287826.

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