Kartini Asia Inc. has established a permanent niche in lifestyle landscapes. Kartini embodies the passion of Nina Malvar in creating Balinese landscapes, which allow a seamless flow between the relaxing tropical outdoor and the warm finish of the interiors. Water is the unifying element of Kartini landscapes whether in the refreshing sound of the cascading waterfalls or the inviting calmness of water fountain.

Nina Malvar’s concept of tropical garden is based on “the natural arrangement of plants based on form, texture and color, not necessarily flowers.” It brings to mind lush planting, dense foliage and a sense of how plants would thrive in natural setting.

Largely inspired by her travels across Asia, Nina Malvar effortlessly draws from the best of different cultures and fuses them into a design worthy of being called truly Asian.

Asked about her design philosophy, Nina Malvar simply says, “Good design should be smooth and natural. Development should always conform with nature”.

To complement the flower shop offerings, Nina incorporates edible landscape in her garden design work. She weaves out herb spiral gardens of stevia, rosemary, basil, dill, gynura, lemon balm, tarragon, mix varieties of mints and other herbs. She grows potted cherry tomato varieties alongside colorful varieties of hibiscus (gumamela). For her perimeter plants, she recommends malunggay, lemongrass, citronella and sambong.

Potted plants and gift items are also available for sale at the flower shop that complement well the fresh flower arrangements at Kartini Flora.

Our customer service and sales telephone lines are open from 11:00AM – 8:00PM from Monday to Sunday. Our contact numbers are 8074356 / 8077579 / (0926) 6899014; Email: kartini_nm@yahoo.com


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