The gardens at Kartini provide a wonderful backdrop to Nina’s fresh flower arrangements at Kartini Flora. Nina and her florists create lovely bouquets, basket and vase arrangements using orchids, lilies, lisianthus, carnations and roses.

Lovely Lisianthus

Kartini’s signature flower is the lovely lisianthus, which is reminiscent of softly blown roses and is available in a wide array of colors-pink, two-tone pink, purple, white, green and yellow.

Whether you’re looking for affordable and personalized flower arrangements for events and weddings ensembles, our excellent design and flower selections are guaranteed to please.

There is no flower that is more evocative of summer than lisianthus. At its best from the beginning of April through to October, its floaty delicate petals remind us of lazy days and perfumed breezes. Their wide open flowers are reminiscent of softly blown roses.

Perfect for summer parties and weddings, lisianthus is available in a wide range of colours which will inject the season’s sense of fun and relaxation into any event.

The official name for lisianthus is Eustoma (pronounced YOU-stow-ma) russelianum. The flower orginates from the American states of Nebraska and Colorado. Its name literally means ‘a good mouth’ or less literally ‘a pretty face’, hence its natural affiliation to romance and weddings.


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